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PostgresConf CHN 2019

PostgresConf is the world's largest PostgreSQL conference sequence, and it is now in China. China PostgreSQL Branch and the PostgresConf organization in the United States, in 2019, has successfully held two major domestic PG ecological conferences - PostgreSQL Open officially entered the international PostgresConf conference sequence this year, and officially changed its name to PostgresConf.CHN. The conference was jointly organized by China OSS Promotion Union(COPU), China PostgreSQL Association, China PostgreSQL Community and US PGConf Organization. The organization of PostgresConf CHN will further strengthen and strengthen the territory of the PGConf global series of conferences and promote the integration of Chinese PG forces into the global PG ecosystem.

Shangri-La Hotel Beijing

Shangri-La Hotel Beijing

Shangri-La Hotel Beijing A

Beijing / China

Shangri-La Hotel Beijing
29 Zizhuyuan Rd, ZiZhu Qiao
Beijing, Beijing 100089